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Forest management

Procedures, policies, enforcement and publications related to the management of Alberta's forests.

Services and information

Policy directives and standard operating procedures that provide formal direction for Alberta's forest policy legislation.

Rigorous legislation and policies help us protect, conserve and sustain Alberta's forests.

Find Alberta forest management agreements, current agreement holders and related documents.

Plans, guidelines and standards for forest management.

Alberta has strict standards for sustainable forest management.

Harvesting rights in Alberta are granted through 3 forest tenure systems.

The Alberta government conducts industry audits and inspections to ensure regulations are being followed.

Detailed information about defined forest areas in the province.

Technical research papers on the provenance and progeny of Alberta conifers.

Use this model to forecast tree-stand growth rates per hectare.

Timber damage compensation on Crown land, billing rates, assessment tables, and resources on timber damage assessments.

Information about timber quotas in Alberta.

Information about Alberta's tree species, wildfire impact and other forestry facts.