Forest health and adaptation – Overview

Proactive, science-based management techniques sustain healthy, adaptable forests.


A healthy forest is able to sustain itself ecologically and evolutionary while providing for society's economic, social, recreational and spiritual needs and values. Natural and human-made forests must be managed to retain this resilience through:

  • monitoring and control of biotic and abiotic damaging agents
  • retaining sufficient genetic diversity in artificially regenerated stands
  • regenerating stands with appropriately genetically adapted seed and clones to counteract abiotic stresses

Forest Health and Adaptation

Our Vision

To lead Canada in science-based, proactive, adaptive and innovative management of forest health damaging agents in a forest environment with a multitude of values and challenges posed by a changing climate

What We Do

Images of trees affected by disease, and a forest pest

Forest Health and Adaptation monitors outbreaks of biological and environmental disorders that adversely affect the health of Alberta's forests. These include:

  • Insects
  • Fungi
  • Non-infectious disorders caused by climate and toxicity from natural and applied chemicals
  • Noxious plants and weeds
  • Parasitic plants

Forest Health and Adaptation administers Agriculture and Forestry standards on:

  • Management and conservation of forest genetic resources
  • Seed transfer through seed zones

Forest Health and Adaptation conducts applied forest genetics research to support:

  • Provincial tree breeding programs
  • Adaptation to climate change
  • Gene conservation
  • Recovery of threatened and endangered species
  • Creation of science-based provincial policies on utilization and deployment of forest tree genetic materials on public land

Alberta Tree Improvement and Seed Centre (ATISC)

Picture of Alberta Tree Improvement and Seed Centre (ATISC) building and sign

Forest Health and Adaptation operates the Alberta Tree improvement and Seed Centre (ATISC) located in Smoky Lake, Alberta.

ATISC is the main station for the provincial forest genetics, tree improvement and reforestation seed programs.

To learn more about the topics above, visit: Tree Improvement and Adaptation


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