Food regulation engagement

Gathered input on proposed changes to Alberta’s Food Regulation.


We gathered feedback on proposed changes to Alberta’s Food Regulation and Food Retail and Foodservices Code to make it easier for Albertans to make, sell and purchase low-risk, home-prepared foods.

Low-risk foods don't require temperature control and have a low risk of foodborne illness. Some examples include baked goods, jams/jellies, candies, pickled foods and cereals.

Protecting the public from foodborne illness is the primary goal of the food regulation and code. The changes will reduce unnecessary red tape and increase flexibility for consumers and home-prepared food entrepreneurs, while protecting public health.


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Who is listening

Ministry of Health

Input received

We gathered input on proposed changes to Alberta’s Food Regulation to reduce red tape, increase opportunities and make it easier for home-prepared food entrepreneurs to do business in Alberta.


Your feedback helped inform changes to Alberta's Food Regulation and Code, which was introduced in the spring of 2020.