There is no safe time, no safe kind, no safe amount of alcohol to consume during pregnancy.


Training and education for FASD is very important to help with identifying people affected by FASD and providing them with appropriate supports throughout their life.

FASD online training

The Alberta government offers online FASD training through the Canada Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Research Network (CanFASD). CanFASD is Canada’s first comprehensive national FASD research network.

The FASD workforce development framework training includes:

  • Level 1: Foundations in FASD (free for all Albertans until December 2021)
    • basic training course intended for everyone who might come into contact with individuals with FASD, including all sectors of work, families, individuals with FASD and general public
    • provides the perspective of individuals who have FASD, is evidence-based with a culturally sensitive approach
  • Level 2: FASD for School Staff Level II: Practical Strategies for the School Environment
    • advanced training course intended for educators working with students with FASD
    • builds on the Level 1 Foundations in FASD course
  • Level 2: FASD for Judicial and Legal Professionals (free for all Albertans until March 2022)
    • advanced training course for professionals in the justice system (lawyers, judges, etc.)
    • builds on the Level 1 Foundations in FASD course
  • Level 2: FASD for Solicitor General Professionals (free for all Albertans until March 2022)
    • advanced training course for Solicitor General professionals (police, probation officers/correctional services staff)
    • builds on the Level 1 Foundations in FASD course
  • Prevention Conversation
    • online training to support the Prevention Conversation Initiative
    • equips FASD prevention facilitators to raise awareness of the importance of engaging women aged 18 to 45 years old in the Prevention Conversation
    • trains health care and social service providers to effectively educate and support women and their partners by engaging them in the Prevention Conversation
    • develops community partnerships to facilitate sharing information and resources

FASD Learning Series videos

The FASD Learning Series videos provide training to individuals with FASD, their caregivers and professionals who want to learn more about FASD. These videos, produced from 2008 to 2016, cover a broad range of topics related to FASD.

Watch the 97 FASD Learning Series videos

FASD Toolkit videos

The FASD Toolkit videos, produced from 2008 to 2013, were part of the original toolkit videos. These videos help support and educate people on FASD.

Watch the 24 FASD toolkit videos

FASD publications

Read the FASD cross-ministry committee publications and reports

Dry 9

Doing a Dry 9 means you are making the decision to not drink any alcohol throughout your pregnancy.

Learn more about the Dry 9 campaign

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