Farm and Ranch workplace legislation

Workplace legislation regarding waged, non-family farm workers.

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Status: Completed
Ministry responsible: Labour
Completed: 2017

The Farm Freedom and Safety Act comes into effect on January 31, 2020 to outline how legislation applies on farms and ranches.


The new rules only apply to farm and ranch operations that employ waged, non-family workers. They don't apply to owners or their family members.

Who’s affected

Alberta farm and ranch producers with waged workers who are not the owner or related to the owner are affected by the legislation.

This means family members can still participate in farming operations as they always have, and neighbours can still volunteer to help each other out.

Who’s not affected:

  • farm families who do not have any waged, non-family workers
  • unpaid farm and ranch workers, such as relatives, friends and neighbours helping out on the family farm
  • children doing chores or participating in 4-H

The Act also doesn't apply to recreational activities, such as hunting on farmland.

Labour relations

The Farm Freedom and Safety Act exempts farms and ranches from labour relations laws.


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