Alberta Transportation works with commercial carriers to review their safety and maintenance practices and outline compliance expectations. Each carrier's compliance level is monitored and carriers demonstrating compliance problems face progressive discipline.

Facility audits

In accordance with National Safety Code Standard 15, a facility audit is designed to review a carrier's on-highway and safety management activities in considerable detail. During a facility audit, a Public Safety Investigator or a certified Third Party Auditor examines the carrier's records and reports on demonstrated compliance with the safety standards of the National Safety Code program and its related legislation as implemented in Alberta.

The facility audit report provides Alberta Transportation with an understanding of the carrier's degree of compliance. In conjunction with a facility audit report, each carrier's Safety Fitness Rating is evaluated through a review of the following:

  • convictions
  • collisions
  • Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance inspections


Investigations are conducted to identify if commercial motor carriers are operating in compliance with federal and provincial transportation laws. Investigations are usually specific to a single event or type of violation, however, they may include several aspects of a carrier’s operations.

For more information on audits, investigations, complaints and interventions actions, contact:

Phone: 403-755-6111
Toll free: 310-0000 before the phone number (in Alberta)
Email: compliance.info@gov.ab.ca