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Status: Bill 56 was introduced on March 11, 2021
Ministry responsible: Municipal Affairs


Bill 56: the Local Measures Statutes Amendment Act, 2021 would deliver job-creating capital funding for municipalities and provide additional funding to 911 centres to help promote economic recovery and enhance safety systems.

Proposed changes would include extending the Municipal Sustainability Initiative until 2023-24, implementing a new fiscal framework for local governments in 2024-25, and amending funding levels in the Local Government Fiscal Framework Act to implement Budget 2021 targets.

911 centres would receive funding to upgrade outdated systems and improve the delivery of emergency call answering services to Albertans. This would place Alberta’s centres on the same technological platforms as all other centres across Canada, and increase operational efficiency between centres when answering emergency calls.

Once completed in 2024, the updates would allow:

  • Albertans the ability to text 911 in situations where they cannot call
  • Enhance location accuracy for emergency calls
  • Calls to be transferred seamlessly from one centre to another using the same technology

Key changes

If passed, Bill 56 will make the following amendments:

Local Government Fiscal Framework Act

  • Extend funding under the Municipal Sustainability Initiative until 2023-24
  • Provide $2.166 billion from 2021-22 to 2023-24 to support local jobs and capital investments
  • Defer the implementation of the Local Government Fiscal Framework until 2024-25, with a baseline funding level of $722 million

Emergency 911 Act

  • Update 30-year-old systems to align with federally-mandated technology upgrades
  • Broaden the act to include secondary 911 centres so they are able to apply for funding generated by the wireless levy
  • Increase the wireless 911 levy from 44 cents to 95 cents to help pay for the federally mandated technology modernizations, expected to cost $41 million annually
  • Outline requirements for 911 centres to comply with Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications mandated changes
  • Create administration section of the Standards to include requirements for record management and staff training practices

Next steps

If passed, Bill 56 will take effect upon proclamation.

The Local Government Fiscal Framework Act would come into effect on April 1, 2021. The 911 levy would come into effect on September 1, 2021.