Environmental tool fact sheets

Overview of the environmental tools that can be used by government, industry or a non-profit organization.


The following fact sheets showcase the various types of environmental tools that can be applied by a government, an industry, a private firm, or an environmental non-profit organization. The fact sheets provide general knowledge about tools and their application.

Each fact sheet offers:

  • definitions and explanations of how tools function to achieve objectives
  • common environmental applications
  • examples of the use of tools, looking at jurisdictions worldwide

Also highlight some strengths and weaknesses of the performance of tools, such as:

  • assurance of achieving environmental outcomes
  • costs and burdens placed on regulated parties and governments
  • potential for a tool to advance technology and innovation and its adaptability
  • special considerations on the use of the tool (design and implementation issues)

Not all environmental tools provided in this guide are operational in Alberta, nor are they to be future policies of Alberta Environment, unless otherwise mentioned.