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Energy maps

The department of Energy uses business system data to automatically update maps daily.

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All Pop-Up Blockers on must be turned off to use these interactive maps. Base Map Data is provided under the Open Government Licence.

These static Adobe maps are base map data provided under the Open Government Licence.

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Zone Designations (ZD) and Deeper Rights Reversion Zone Designations (DRRZD) are used to describe mineral rights for agreements administration.


The GeoView mapping tools use the Geographic Information System (GIS) to provide users specific data about Alberta's mineral agreements. This information can be used to prepare for the petroleum and natural gas tenure system which facilitates the leasing of rights that enable companies to develop Alberta‚Äôs mineral resources. Users can customize their map view by adjusting the layers. The resource mapping and analysis area supports program areas to display relevant information for stakeholders and Albertans.

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