Employment services for workers facing layoffs

If you have been laid off, find resources and services to help you get back to work.

Resources for workers facing layoffs

The following resources can help you if you are facing a layoff:

Employment services near you

The following employment services are available through Alberta Supports or Alberta Works Centre.

  • job fairs
  • job postings
  • career counselling
  • local labour market information
  • employment news via social media
  • resumé and job-interview workshops
  • information on careers and training options
  • computers and photocopiers for job searches

Find employment services near you

Employer services

Employers who are considering or conducting layoffs can get assistance from Workforce Consultants.

Workforce Consultants can provide information and advice including how to reduce or avoid layoffs through the Government of Canada’s Work-Share program.

Employers can call the toll-free Employer Hotline for help at 1-800-661-3753.