Employer services

Employers can save time using new employment standards and OHS online services to access applications, submit appeals and create reports.

Services and information

Employers may apply for a permit to employ a person 14 years of age and under for certain types of work.

Government may provide employers with the ability to vary from mandatory obligations and requirements of the Employment Standards Code.

You can file a complaint online or by calling the OHS Contact Centre.

An employee can file a complaint if an employer isn’t meeting the minimum employment standards.

Most Employment Standards decisions can be appealed by those subject to the decision.

Work site parties can apply for acceptances and approvals (specific permissions) from OHS directors.

Occupational health and safety (OHS) officers issue orders to get regulated parties to follow OHS legislation.

Employers or prime contractors must report certain incidents that occur on a mine or mine site.

It is a requirement to report potentially serious incidents (PSIs) that occur on your work site.

Anyone can submit an anonymous tip about an employer who’s not following the rules.

Employers must notify OHS at least 72 hours before beginning work that may release asbestos.