Dual Credit Review Advisory Group

Members will review Alberta’s dual credit programming and identify opportunities for enhancement.


The Dual Credit Review Advisory Group will review several components of Alberta’s dual credit programming to eliminate barriers, improve transferability, explore the role of collegiate schools and improve course offerings. 

As part of their review process, the advisory group will gather input on current and future dual credit programming and funding enhancements.


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  • Results under review

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Who is listening

Ministry of Education


Throughout summer 2024, the advisory group will:

  • review the dual credit funding model and programming to determine areas of enhancement
  • gather and provide input on current and future dual credit needs
  • leverage existing dual credit groups within government


The Dual Credit Review Advisory Group consists of representatives from school authorities across Alberta, industry, post-secondary institutions and career organizations. It is made up of 2 streams. 

  • Operational members

    • Boyd Craven, assistant superintendent of learning, Prairie Rose Public Schools
    • Bradey Thompson, principal, Fusion Collegiate
    • Charlene Jones, manager, Red Deer Polytechnic
    • Cydney Peck, academic program manager, NorQuest College
    • Graeme Dowdell, program coordinator, Edmonton Public Schools
    • Helmut Kaiser, director, learning services, Calgary Catholic School District
    • Jackie Taylor, director, Community Learning Campus, Chinook's Edge School Division & Old’s College
    • Jason Kupery, director of learning, Palliser School Division
    • Jessica Holwell, career counsellor, Calgary Academic Society
    • Jodi Peat, specialist, Calgary Board of Education
    • Kylie Kissel, director of education technology, Red Deer Regional Schools
    • Lloyd Verreault, business partner, Alexis Band Board of Education
    • Marc Scholes, executive director, G4, Stoney, Nakoda, Tsuut’ina Tribal Council
    • Maria Cuciz, assistant principal, School of Alternative Education, Edmonton Catholic Separate School Division 
    • Michael Shouldice, manager, Partnerships and Collaborations, Athabasca University
    • Monica Edwards, career coach lead, High Prairie School Division
    • Rémi Lemoine, assistant superintendent, the Southern Francophone Education Region
    • Rozlynn Wick, project manager, Strategic Youth Initiative, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
    • Sasha Luissaint, agreements and pathways facilitator, Dual Credit, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
    • Shawn Lachapelle, principal, Grasslands School Division
  • Executive members

    • Alice Wainwright-Stewart, president and CEO, Lakeland College
    • Don Moore, dean of university studies, Portage College
    • Holly Bilton, provincial manager, School Engagement, CAREERS
    • Jenn Bonner, IR coordinator, Ledcor
    • Joelle Reynolds, associate dean, Youth Initiatives, Centre for Trades, Lethbridge College
    • John Jagersma, executive director, Association of Independent Schools & Colleges in Alberta
    • Karen Smith, associate superintendent, Fort Vermillion School Division
    • Paula Anderson, training and safety work leader, Fortis Alberta
    • Scott Fash, board of directors, Building Industry & Land Development Association Alberta
    • Shauna Feth, president, Alberta Chambers of Commerce
    • Sherry Cooper, Sky Wings
    • Warren Singh, executive director, Alberta Construction Association


In fall 2024, Alberta Education will publicly release key findings and feedback from all engagement activities throughout the summer.

Alberta Education will consider this input to inform adjustments to dual credit programming, which will be implemented starting in fall 2025.