Driver Conduct Review

A Driver Conduct Review may be required if you received a Notice of Suspension or Section 30 referral on or after December 1, 2020.


A driver conduct review may be required through the Registrar of Motor Vehicles for the following:

  • Section 30 referral under the Traffic Safety Act
    • referral information provided by the Registrar, Minister, law enforcement, or courts
  • Immediate Roadside Sanctions Program of IRS WARN - third (or subsequent) occurrence under section 88.03(1)
    • Indicated on your Notice of Suspension and/or on your motor vehicle file as a reinstatement condition code 36 for your driver’s licence reinstatement.

If you are required to attend a driver conduct review, contact Driver Fitness and Monitoring.


As the review conducted is not based on a voluntary request of the driver, there is no application and no fee required. If a remedial course is required as a result of a driver conduct review, the driver will be required to pay any associated costs.

How to submit a request

Step 1. Receive the request

You will receive the requirement to complete a Driver Conduct Review as indicated on your Notice of Suspension or on your motor vehicle file.

Step 2. Review the policies

Driver Conduct Review policies.

Step 3. Submit a request

Submit a request to Driver Fitness and Monitoring to complete a Driver Conduct Review.

After you submit the request

After the Registrar receives your request, the Registrar will review your file to complete the Driver Conduct Review. Based on this review, you may be required to attend an oral review. At the completion of your review, you will be sent a letter explaining the outcome of the review. During this process, you must continue to comply with the terms and conditions of the Driver Conduct Review requirements.

Driver Conduct Review decisions are final. However, you can request a review of the final decision through the Registrar reconsideration process. The suspension that required you to complete the Driver Conduct Review will remain in effect while a driver is participating in either the Driver Conduct Review or the Registrar reconsideration process.