Disease prevention and surveillance

Information about the flu, Lyme disease and West Nile, surveillance, immunization schedule, newborn metabolic screening, disease prevention.

Services and information

Actions to protect Albertans and prevent the spread of novel coronavirus.

A guide for assessing lead and copper in drinking water at elementary schools and licensed daycares.

Learn about the importance of immunization, the routine immunization schedule, where to get immunized, immunization records and statistics.

Learn how to prevent and control infections in your home, at work, at school or even in a hospital. Find resources for health professionals.

Learn about influenza, commonly called the flu, what is being done to prevent its spread, influenza vaccines, and statistics.

Learn about the submit-a-tick program, how to remove a tick, tick surveillance in Alberta, and Lyme disease.

If you believe you were exposed to a communicable disease through contact with another person, you can request that person to be tested.

Alberta’s Newborn Metabolic Screening Program helps find conditions in infants that can be treated early to ensure healthy development.

Learn more about pandemic influenza, Alberta’s Pandemic Influenza Plan, and what you can do to prepare for a pandemic.

Requirements for artificial tanning businesses including age restrictions and warning signage.

Learn about West Nile virus (WNV) in Alberta, ongoing surveillance to identify cases and determine the risk each year.