Designating Alberta’s official gemstone

The Emblems of Alberta Amendment Act, 2022 (Bill 6) recognizes ammolite as part of the province’s unique heritage by making it the 12th official emblem of Alberta.

Status: The Emblems of Alberta Amendment Act, 2022 received royal assent on April 21, 2022
Ministry responsible: Culture


The Emblems of Alberta Amendment Act, 2022 (formerly Bill 6) designates ammolite as the province’s official gemstone.

Ammolite is now recognized alongside 11 other official emblems including the coat of arms, flag and wild rose as symbols of Alberta’s distinct heritage.

Ammolite is a gem-quality stone used for jewellery that is found almost exclusively in southern Alberta from fossilized mollusc shells, also known as ammonite, that settled to the bottom of the seabed and hardened over millions years. A significant resource for Indigenous cultures, ammonite shells are also collected by Plains First Nations and Blackfoot communities for sacred ceremonies and traditions.

Ammolite is an important part of our heritage and economy. Recognizing it as Alberta’s official gemstone reflects our province’s unique identity and helps fulfill recommendation 25 of the Fair Deal Panel.

Important to know

Fossilized remains of plants and animals are protected under the Historical Resources Act and violations are punishable by law.

Some fossils, like ammonite and oyster shells, petrified wood and leaf impressions, can be purchased legally from retailers or be transferred to private ownership if the appropriate steps are taken.

Fossil discoveries must be reported to [email protected] as it is unlawful to excavate fossils found in nature. For more information, visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum.

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Next steps

The Emblems of Alberta Amendment Act, 2022 took effect when it received royal assent on Aprl 21, 2022.