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Status: Completed
Ministry responsible: Environment and Parks
Completed: 2018


In response to the confirmed presence of whirling disease in multiple watersheds in our province, the Government of Alberta Decontamination Protocol became policy in August 2017. The Decontamination Protocol is a management strategy to reduce the spread of aquatic invasive species and fish diseases.

The Decontamination Protocol is being expanded to include industrial operations working in or near water in Alberta. A new section would provide users with detailed instructions on how to meet the intent of the protocol and a decontamination record would be used as a template to document and track decontamination efforts.

Once approved, the revised Decontamination Protocols would become a condition of license for all work completed in or near water under a Water Act, Public Lands or Alberta Energy Regulator approval as well as Government of Alberta contracts.

In 2018, an online survey was conducted with industry stakeholders to gather input on the proposed additions of the Decontamination Instructions for Industrial and Construction Operations, and the decontamination record.

The goal was to ensure the industrial instructions proposed are feasible from an industry perspective, while ensuring the necessary protection to reduce the risk of transferring whirling disease and/or other aquatic invasive species.


Decontamination instructions for industrial and construction operations
Decontamination Protocol for Equipment and Watercraft

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