Dam Safety Events, Seminars and Workshops

Helping to bring dam safety knowledge to dam owners, operators, regulators, and industry professionals.

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Forums for building dam safety technical capacity, communication, cooperation and collaboration ensure that industry best practices are understood and applied effectively. Alberta Dam Safety encourages sharing technical information between Alberta’s dam owners, regulators, and industry professionals.

2023-24 Dam Safety Webinar Series

In partnership with the Canadian Dam Association, Alberta Agriculture and Irrigation organized the third annual technical webinar series on the dam safety methodologies and advanced technologies currently being applied in Alberta and Canada. These series are intended for dam owners, engineers, engineering technologists, operators, and regulators who are interested in learning from the experiences of other professionals.

The 2023-24 Dam Safety Webinar Series included the following:

  • Key Aspects of the Emergency Management Program for Dams and Canals in Alberta (originally streamed November 29, 2023).
    • Presenters:
      Katherine Stasiuk, P.Eng., MBA, PMP, CRM
      Babak Alinejad, P.Eng., MBA
      Carlin Soehn, B.Sc.
      David North, C.E.T.
      Narayan Pokhrel, M. Sc., M ASCE, P.Eng.
      Frank Frigo, P.Eng.
  • Instrumentation Challenges for Existing Dams (originally streamed January 24, 2024).
    • Presenters:
      Mohammad Al-Mamun, M.Sc.Eng., P.Eng
      Kyle Haugrud, P.Eng
      Pierre Choquet, Dr.Eng., P.Eng
  • Cavitation, Uplift, and Drainage Issues for Dams, Spillway and Other Hydraulic Structures (originally streamed February 22, 2024).
    • Presenters:
      Bozena Czarnecki, Ph.D., P.Eng.
      Dan Hajduković, Ph.D., P.Eng.
      Daniel Johnson, PE., MS., F.ASCE
      Chironjeev Kanjilal, B.SC., B.Mus.
      David Moschini, P.Eng.

Past webinars and events

  • 2022-23 Dam Safety Webinar Series
  • 2021-22 Dam Safety Webinar Series
  • 2019 Canadian Dam Association Conference (Calgary)
  • 2017 Dam Safety Seminar and Technical Workshops
  • 2016 Dam Safety Seminar and Technical Workshops