The Canadian Food Inspection Agency, with input from stakeholders, sets the National Standards for the Chronic Wasting Disease Herd Certification Program.

Based on these standards, administrators developed a Standard Operating Procedures Manual (see below) to implement the Herd Certification Program within their jurisdiction.

The Alberta government administers the program for Alberta cervid producers.

The established anniversary dates for the program are:

  • December 31: Elk-only herds
  • December 31: Combined elk and deer herds
  • March 31: Deer only herds


The following documents are available for Alberta cervid producers who wish to enrol in the program.


Chronic Wasting Disease Herd Certification Program: manual for owners and cervid farm operators This manual provides owners and cervid farm operators a detailed set of requirements in terms of what is expected and how the administrator will implement the program, including enrolment, advancement criteria, timelines and approaches to suspensions and revocation.

National Standards for the Chronic Wasting Disease Herd Certification Program (CFIA) The roles and responsibilities of each participant in the CWD Herd Certification Program are detailed in the national standards.


Alberta participants

Canadian CWD Herd Certification Program Update November 7, 2023
Producers Name Farm # Species Status Level
Aubin, Henri 761 Elk Certified
Angele, Leander and Heather 789 Deer Certified
Balderson, Wayne and Josie 775 Elk A
Bamber, Holly 22 Elk D
Begg, Cliff 734 Elk Certified
Bernat, Andrew and Dorothy 802 Elk Certified
Birkbeck, Connie 745 Elk C
Boos, Robert 30 Elk Certified
Braun, Dale 33 Elk Certified
Bugg, Howard and Judith 500 Elk Certified
Bulten, Herman and Alice 523 Elk/Reindeer B
Bykowski, Mike 35 Elk Certified
Cameron, John 37 Elk Certified
Cameron, John 781 Elk Certified
Chernuka, Barry 805 Elk Certified
Chernuka, Barry 811 Elk Certified
Chernuka, Barry and Dungey, Bruce 824 Elk Certified
Dolen, Peter and Marilyn 581 Elk Certified
Dungey, Bruce 367 Elk Certified
Fantazir, William 58 Elk/Deer Certified
Friedel, Bruce 241 Elk Certified
Gill, Marvin 728 Elk/Deer Certified
Greidanus, Lois and Henry 812 Elk C
Harrison, Barry and Christine 505 Elk Certified
Hickie, Raymond 576 Elk Certified
Hoffman, Chuck and Dianne 175 Elk Certified
Jeannotte, Wade and Karen 280 Elk Certified
Koeckhoven, Steven 810 Elk Certified
Krahn, Herman and Liz 821 Elk A
Lloyd, Justin and Erinn 809 Deer Certified
Lumir, Peter 494 Elk Certified
Makofka, Charles 657 Elk Certified
Miedema, Lykele 247 Elk Certified
Miedema, Lykele 769 Elk Certified
Narkaus, Sam 807 Elk A
Neufeld, Corny 701 Elk Certified
Niebler, Win 206 Elk Certified
Owen, Richard 491 Elk Certified
Plumb, Gordon and Carol 337 Elk Certified
Ray, Dennis 398 Elk Certified
Roberts, Terry 314 Elk Certified
Slipp, Andrew 747 Elk Certified
Stelter, Rick 694 Elk Certified
Szigli, Ken 429 Elk Certified
Tofteland, Byron 684 Elk Certified
Veldhouse, Todd and Jackie 288 Elk Certified
Visscher, Bill 176 Elk Certified
Ward, Kenneth 660 Elk Certified
Websdale, Keith and Arlene 654 Elk Certified
Zahara, Jim, Julie and Jace 549 Elk Certified
Zahara, Jace 803 Elk Certified
Zahara, Jace 820 Elk Certified
Zahara, Jace 75 Elk Level E

The information on this page is believed to be accurate. However, we are unable to guarantee its complete accuracy. If you have any questions or concerns as to the accuracy of the information, contact this program.


Connect with the Animal Health and Assurance Branch:

Phone: 780-835-2238
Fax: 780-835-3600
Email: [email protected]

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