Crop production and air quality

Information resources to help Alberta farmers minimize airborne emissions from cropping activities and pasture management.


Farming operations on cropland and pastureland can produce airborne emissions such as ammonia, dust, odour, pesticide drift and smoke. Once airborne, these emissions can have undesirable impacts on the health or well-being of humans (for example, farmers, farm workers, neighbours or nearby communities), ecosystems (for example, native plants and animals or water quality), or both.

Alberta government, farmers, rural municipalities and other stakeholders work together to develop and enhance sustainable beneficial management practices (BMPs) farmers can use to protect the environment. Some of these BMPs are designed to minimize airborne emissions from cropping or pasture management operations.


The resources listed here provide a starting point for Alberta farmers planning to reduce airborne emissions.

Ammonia, dust, odour, pesticide drift and smoke

Other resources

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