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Crop insects

Information and control plans and resources for a range of crop insects.

Services and information

Timely and accurate insect management information and resources for Alberta’s agricultural industry.

Learn about insects that are beneficial to Alberta’s crops and agriculture.

Bertha armyworm (Mamestra configurata) is one of the most significant insect pests of canola in Canada.

This crop insect causes extensive damage to Brassicaceae crops like canola.

Learn about insects that affect Alberta’s crops, the damage they cause and how they’re monitored and controlled.

Cutworm specimen collection online submission form, survey results and other resources.

Learn about economic thresholds for insects attacking different crop types and insect identification and monitoring equipment.

The wheat midge has caused significant damage to Alberta wheat crops in recent years.

This crop insect feeds on wheat, rye, triticale and some varieties of barley.