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Crime and justice statistics dashboards

See and use dashboards showing graphs for Criminal Code violations and Crime Severity Indexes in Alberta compared to the rest of Canada.


The dashboards show crime rates for:

  • the last 10 years
  • all the provinces and territories
  • Alberta compared to the rest of Canada

Use the dashboard to see Alberta compared to Canada for:

  • Criminal Code violations – excluding traffic
  • Crime Severity Indexes

Use the dashboards

When you look at the dashboards, keep in mind:

  • crime rates change
  • there isn’t a simple answer why crime rates go up and down

See the dashboards

Data and details

Traffic violations are excluded from the dashboards because they skew regions’ crime rates.

The dashboards use data from the below Statistics Canada websites. Visit them for:

  • source data
  • data collection methods
  • detailed definitions and rationale

Uniform Crime Reporting Survey (Statistics Canada)

Table 35-10-0177-01  Incident-based crime statistics, by detailed violations, Canada, provinces, territories, Census Metropolitan Areas and Canadian Forces Military Police (Statistics Canada)

Table 35-10-0026-01  Crime severity index and weighted clearance rates, Canada, provinces, territories and Census Metropolitan Areas (Statistics Canada)


Report on crime and justice statistics