Creative Partnerships – Capacity building programs

Partners, programs and resources to build organizational abilities and resiliency in Alberta’s non-profit sector.


We are working to Increase the profile and accessibility of investment readiness programs and resources in Alberta. This will help unlock the sector’s potential for sustainable social benefit and help capitalize on the non-profit sector’s ingenuity. This means building organizational abilities to stabilize and adapt to changes, and supporting opportunities to experiment and implement new approaches to existing problems.

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We are working with partners, supporting programs and developing resources to build the resiliency of Alberta’s non-profit sector.

Social Impact Lab

Administered by the United Way Calgary & Area, the Social Impact Lab (the Lab)  is a physical and digital space where United Way agency partners, government, donors, businesses, community members and corporate volunteers can come together to solve – rather than serve – complex social issues in new and innovative ways.

The Lab is a platform to research, create and test new services and business models, while creating capacity for Alberta’s non-profit organizations, in addition to United Way agency partners, to deliver supports and services in their communities. The Alberta government is supporting the scaling of the Social Impact Lab beyond the Calgary region through a $1.75 million contribution over 4 years.

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Namada is an online social enterprise and social finance resource navigation tool. Launched in September 2022, Namada is a dynamic navigational and filterable website that social enterprises can access to find the business supports they need for success. It was developed to support social enterprises to:

  • find and access relevant resources in Alberta
  • understand how the different parts of the ecosystem work together
  • identify potential gaps that could inform future work

Currently available in beta form, Namada will be updated and improved upon based on user input and use over time. Namada can be used as an opportunity to establish foundational language and educational opportunities, increasing individual’s ability to work together and build a shared understanding of Alberta’s social enterprise market.

Namada was co-created by Alberta Social Enterprise Economy Development (AB Seed), the Government of Alberta and community partners.

Contact [email protected] for more information.