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The aggregate data application provides interactive information on COVID-19 cases in Alberta, including age range, sex and characteristics.

Data reported in the table below and in the app is based on calendar day.

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COVID-19 relaunch status map and notifications

As Alberta reopens, some regions may need to put additional measures in place to address local outbreaks. Learn more about the regional relaunch status in your area and sign up to be notified if there is a change in your area.

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A map of Alberta showing various regions

Cases in Alberta

Alberta is taking aggressive measures to help slow the spread of COVID-19. The health of Albertans is, and always will be, our top priority. We are committed to keeping Albertans fully informed.

Case data will be updated Monday to Friday, except holidays. Breakdowns of Saturday, Sunday and holiday data will be provided the next business day.

In Alberta the total number of cases increased by 107 on Sept. 17.

Location Confirmed
In intensive
Deaths Tests
People tested
Updated September 18. Numbers are up to date as of end of day September 17.
*Active cases include both community cases and hospitalizations
**Zone of current hospitalization and current ICU admission based on location of hospitalization, not zone of patient residence.
***ICU cases are a subset of those in hospital.
In Canada 140,974 - - - - 9,201 - -
In Alberta 16,381
(107 on Sept. 17)
1,424 14,702 44 7 255 1,180,696
(11,313 on Sept. 17)
Calgary zone 8,315 450 7,745 15 5 120 - -
Edmonton zone 4,274 711 3,494 22 2 69 - -
Central zone 650 24 619 0 0 7 - -
South zone 1,798 38 1,735 0 0 25 - -
North zone 1,306 197 1,075 7 0 34 - -
Unknown 38 4 34 0 0 0 - -

Cases in K-12 schools

Public health measures are in place to ensure a safer reopening of schools. This includes mandatory masking, physical distancing, enhanced cleaning, and daily symptom screening. If a case is confirmed, contact tracers and public health officials will be deployed to identify potential exposure and limit spread.

Parents will be notified by their child’s school as soon as one confirmed case is identified within the school. This in known as an alert.

An outbreak is declared when there are 2 or more confirmed cases in a school setting within a 14 day period where disease could have been acquired or transmitted in the school.

Find more information about cases of COVID-19 in Alberta K-12 schools.


Alberta uses modelling to anticipate the number of COVID-19 cases over the coming months. This helps us make decisions and prepare hospitals to care for critical and acute patients.

These decisions include the aggressive public health measures currently helping to limit the spread of the virus.

Modelling data is intended to demonstrate expected trends, and not intended to be a predictor of day-to-day increases in hospitalization rates.

The updated probable scenario now estimates 596 people will require hospitalization when the virus reaches its peak. This is a reduction from the previous planning scenario.

We have also created a new low scenario. This new projection takes into account Alberta’s overall low hospitalization rate. If trends continue as they are, this new low scenario could become the most likely for Alberta. This likely new scenario suggests 298 people will require hospitalization when the virus reaches its peak.

Planning scenarios

Modelling and scenarios will be updated as new data emerges.

Sweden comparison

We have compared Alberta's current rates of cases and severe outcomes with those of Sweden, a country that has established minimal stay-at-home physical distancing orders.

Outbreaks in Alberta

Locations of outbreaks in acute care and continuing care facilities are reported publicly when there are 2 or more cases, indicating that a transmission within the facility has occurred.

Outbreaks at other facilities or in the community are reported publicly when there are 5 or more cases.

Outbreaks are declared over when 4 weeks have passed with no new cases, so not all outbreaks listed below have current transmission happening.

As a precaution, outbreak control measures are put in place at continuing care facilities and group homes with a single confirmed case.

Outbreak locations by zone

Outbreak information will be updated on Tuesdays and Fridays each week. Case numbers for outbreaks at specific sites are not provided online because they change rapidly and often.


  • North zone

    Acute care facilities

    • Northern Lights Regional Health Centre
    • Queen Elizabeth II Hospital, Grande Prairie

    Long term care facilities

    • La Crete Continuing Care Centre, La Crete

    Supportive living/home living sites

    • Heimstaed Seniors Lodge, La Crete
    • Heritage Lodge, Grande Prairie
    • Homesteader Lodge, Hines Creek
    • Rehoboth Christian Ministries Northridge Group Home, Grande Prairie
    • Signature Supports Services, Grande Prairie

    Other facilities and settings

    • CNRL Albian, Fort Mackay
    • Earls Kitchen and Bar, Morrison St., Fort McMurray
    • Family gatherings, La Crete
    • Private gathering, Manning
    • Suncor base plant, Fort McMurray
    • Syncrude Aurora site, Fort McMurray
    • Syncrude Mildred Lake site, Fort McMurray
    • Zavisha Sawmills, Hines Creek
  • Edmonton zone

    Long term care facilities

    • Benevolence Care Centre, Edmonton
    • Edmonton Chinatown Care Centre, Edmonton

    Supportive living/home living sites

    • Catholic Social Services Gabriel Place, Edmonton
    • Lifestyle Options Schonsee Retirement Community, Edmonton
    • Lifestyle Options Terra Losa, Edmonton
    • Robin Hood Association, Sherwood Park
    • Salvation Army Grace Manor, Edmonton

    Other facilities and settings

    • Belfor Property Restoration, Edmonton
    • Bible Pentecostal Church, Edmonton
    • Canadian Mat Systems, Edmonton
    • Capital Fine Meats, Edmonton
    • Fairmont Hotel Macdonald, Edmonton
    • Health Link, Edmonton
    • Walmart Supercentre (Calgary Trail location), Edmonton
    • WIN House, Edmonton
    • Windermere Early Learning Centre, Edmonton
  • Central zone

    No active outbreaks to publicly report at this time.

  • Calgary zone

    Acute care facilities

    • Peter Lougheed Centre, Calgary

    Long term care facilities

    • Intercare Brentwood, Calgary

    Supportive living/home living sites

    • All Colony Seniors Lodge, Carmangay
    • Aspen Lodge, MCF Housing, Calgary
    • Bethany, Calgary
    • Prince of Peace Manor, Calgary
    • Prominence Way Retirement Community, Calgary

    Other facilities and settings

    • Amazon warehouse, Rocky View County
    • Calgary Drop-in and Rehab Centre
    • Calgary Kidanemhret Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church
    • Cargill Case Ready, Calgary
    • East West Express, Calgary
    • Harmony Beef, Calgary
    • Lilydale Chicken Processing Plant, Calgary
  • South zone

    No active outbreaks to publicly report at this time