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Continuing education

Continuing education opportunities encourage Albertans to engage in lifelong learning in their community.


Continuing education programs are designed to help Albertans become learners for life.

Learners of all ages can take short-term, part-time learning options in their communities. Classes can be taken for fun, or to learn new skills.

These classes are not approved or monitored by government, and are offered on a cost-recovery basis.

Classes for children

Several school authorities provide learning options that support classroom learning, such as:

  • high school upgrading
  • summer school options
  • study skills and exam preparation
  • summer camps
  • fun classes to help children try out new hobbies or interests

Classes for children can also be offered by:

  • post-secondary institutions
  • municipal offices
  • other organizations in your community

Classes for adults

Parents and other adults can also take classes in a wide range of options, such as:

  • learning new skills or hobbies
  • preparing to go back to school after years outside of a classroom
  • earning skills certificates to help get a job
  • exploring a new career option by taking a low-cost, part-time class

Adult learning classes may be offered by:

  • school authorities
  • post-secondary institutions
  • municipal offices
  • other organizations in your community


To find continuing education opportunities in your community, contact:

Your local school authority

Ask your local school authority if they offer continuing education programs.

Your area post-secondary institution

Find participating institutions at ApplyAlberta.

Your municipal office

You can also ask your town or city office about other community organizations offering classes in your area.

Check with your town or city hall office for details.