Continuing care accommodation and health service standards

Standards for accommodation and health services in continuing care homes, supportive living accommodations and home and community care.

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The Continuing Care Act, Continuing Care Regulation, Continuing Care (Ministerial) Regulation and standards ensure home and community care providers, supportive living accommodations and continuing care home operators provide quality health and accommodation services to their clients and residents.

Alberta Health is responsible for monitoring compliance to the Continuing Care Act, regulations and standards.


Accommodation standards for continuing care homes and supportive living accommodations

These standards are designed to support a safe and comfortable environment for residents and set expectations for the quality of accommodation services such as meals, housekeeping and maintenance.

Read Continuing Care Standards: General Audience – Fact Sheet for an overview of the standards.

If you are an operator or provider, you can get an overview of the standards from Continuing Care Standards: Operators and Providers – Fact Sheet.

Supportive living accommodations are inspected annually to ensure they comply with:

Continuing care homes (type A and B) are inspected annually to ensure they comply with the:

The Alberta government inspects and investigates complaints if they have reason to believe an operator or provider has failed to comply with the act, regulations, or standards.

For more information, read Continuing Care Inspection and Visit Results.

Contact us if you have a question, concern or complaint regarding:

  • the compliance monitoring of continuing care homes, supportive living accommodations or home and community care
  • licensing of continuing care homes and/or supportive living accommodations

Continuing care health service standards

The Continuing Care Health Service Standards and information guide was updated in 2024.

Continuing Care Health Service Standards – The standards establish the minimum expectations in the provision of high quality, individualized health care services, provided to:

  • clients receiving publicly funded services from type 1 and type 2 home and community care providers
  • residents of type A and type B continuing care homes

This includes assessed health and personal care services provided by nurses, therapists, health care aides and other health care professionals.

Continuing Care Health Services Standards Information Guide – The guide helps service providers achieve compliance with the Continuing Care Health Service Standards. The guide provides clear examples of what evidence may be used to demonstrate compliance and lists relevant resources.