Consumer protection

File a complaint against a business, consumer protection tips, Consumer Investigations Unit and laws that protect consumers.

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Administrative decisions, order or licensing refusals, cancellations or suspensions may be appealed to the Minister.

Use this tool to find out if an individual or business was not following consumer protection laws.

Find tipsheets that can help both consumers and businesses protect themselves in various transactions and situations.

The Consumer Bill of Rights outlines the protections that consumers have when buying goods or signing contracts.

Outlining rights and responsibilities on various topics are provided to the public by pre-booking a presentation.

Consumer protection laws, file a complaint against a business and consumer investigations.

Protecting Alberta consumers from misleading, high-pressure sales practices for energy products.

Sets consistent standards for businesses that offer high-cost credit to protect consumers from unfair business practices.

Consumer protection laws to ban ticket bots and ensure refund protections from resellers came into effect on August 1, 2018.

How to find and claim your missing property, and information about the responsibilities of property holders.

Examples of unfair practices and how the Consumer Protection Act protects consumers from unfair business practices.