Consumer protection consultation

Provide feedback on ways the government can improve Alberta's consumer protection legislation.

Consultation status: Under review
Ministry responsible: Service Alberta


Consumer protection laws, under the Fair Trading Act, help protect consumers from unfair practices and businesses from unfair competition. Consumers expect protections when they buy household goods and services or sign contracts. Businesses expect a level playing field so they can compete on equal footing, and are not undermined by the bad players.

The purpose of the consultation is to understand the changes needed to keep consumer protection laws in line with marketplace trends and to fix some problem areas we often hear complaints about. The goal is to ensure consumer laws and regulations are effective and enforceable so that consumers and businesses have confidence in Alberta's marketplace.

Public and stakeholder engagement

The consultation is focused on gauging Albertans' general understanding of consumer rights and responsibilities, as well as level of interest and support for potential regulatory changes.

15 key areas are being explored, including:

  • a Consumer Bill of Rights
  • fairness between consumers and businesses
  • door-to-door sales
  • high cost credit products
  • automotive sector issues
  • cancellation rights
  • household moving services
  • talent agencies
  • ticket sales
  • warranties
  • gift cards
  • reward points
  • truth in pricing
  • veterinary services billing
  • debt collection

Out-of-scope topics include:

  • issues under federal jurisdiction such as wireless services, air transportation services, product safety, food safety, product packaging and labelling, etc.
  • issues related to condominium regulations as this will be addressed through a separate consultation process
  • issues related to residential tenancies as the related regulations have recently been updated and a dispute resolution mechanism is available to tenants and landlords.

Get involved

The consumer protection consultation is now closed. Thank you to all who participated and took the time to provide ideas on how to improve Alberta’s consumer protection laws.

We're currently reviewing your feedback to better understand what’s important to you, and to ensure your feedback is reflected in the future changes to consumer protection laws.


The outcomes of this consultation and related legislative changes will help improve fairness in Alberta's marketplace for both consumers and businesses. Related legislative changes are expected to be brought forward for consideration during the fall 2017 legislative session.


For information or questions about the consultation or consumer protection, call the Consumer Contact Centre at 1-877-427-4088 (toll-free)