Extended Producer Responsibility engagement

Feedback was collected on an extended producer responsibility approach to reduce waste in our landfills and diversify our economy.


We gathered input on the design of an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) approach to single-use products, packaging and paper products, and hazardous and special products (which include household hazardous waste).

EPR shifts the cost of recycling from municipalities and taxpayers to industries that produce products. The EPR approach will support a plastics circular economy to help us better manage single-use plastics and other recyclable materials, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 72,000 tonnes.

This is part of Alberta’s Natural Gas Vision and Strategy to reduce waste in our landfills while diversifying our economy and creating jobs.


  • Open

    Phase 1: March 17 to May 17, 2021. Phase 2: November 15 2021 to January 21, 2022

  • Results under review

  • Completed

    October 2022

Who is listening

Ministry of Environment and Protected Areas

Input received

Online survey

Feedback was collected through an online survey from March 17 to May 17, 2021. Thank you for your participation and input.

Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder feedback was gathered in phase 1 through virtual discussions and email, and was captured in the What We Heard report.

During phase 2, stakeholders shared their feedback on the report through virtual discussions and an online survey from November 15 to January 21, 2022.


Your feedback helped inform the development of the Extended Producer Responsibility Framework. This regulatory framework was approved as the Extended Producer Responsibility Regulation on October 3, 2022 and came into force on November 30, 2022.