Child intervention

Services, supports and resources to protect children and youth from harmful situations.


Know how and when to appeal Child Intervention decisions and how to take part in an appeal hearing.

Updates, frameworks, designated reviews, and statistics.

Children’s Services is committed to continuous learning and improvement through rigorous, transparent examination of deaths, serious injuries and incidents.

Child intervention services for First Nation communities.

Options to resolve a Child Intervention decision you disagree with.

Find supports and know what happens when child abuse, neglect or sexual exploitation are reported.

Find out who we are, how we respond to concerns and how the law guides our work.

Shifting the over-representation of Indigenous children in child intervention.

How to request a child intervention record check.

This independent office of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta is mandated to work with vulnerable young people.

Know when and how to appeal Child Intervention decisions about residential facility licences and how to take part in an appeal hearing.