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Ministry responsible: Economic Development, Trade and Tourism

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The Capital Investment Tax Credit (CITC) program provides a non-refundable tax credit valued at 10% of a corporation’s eligible capital expenditures, up to $5 million. The CITC encourages companies to make timely capital investments by returning a percentage of the company’s costs, including the purchase of machinery, equipment and buildings, for projects related to manufacturing, processing or tourism infrastructure that will spur economic diversification and job creation.

The CITC can only be claimed when the capital purchased is in use and the firm is earning profits and paying taxes.


The CITC is not sector specific and is available to companies across the province involved in the activities of manufacturing, processing and tourism infrastructure making an investment of $1 million or more.

To be eligible, a corporation must also:

More information on eligible and ineligible business activities can be found in the CITC program guidelines.

Eligible costs

The eligible costs under this program include the purchase of machinery, equipment and buildings that closely align to capital costs allowed under the federal government’s Capital Cost Allowance.

Eligible Qualified Property – or a property/purchase that is eligible for a tax credit – must be acquired by the eligible corporation to be used primarily for:

  • manufacturing or processing of goods for sale or lease as defined in subsections 127(9) and (11) of the federal Income Tax Act, with the exclusion of Section 127(9)(b.1).
  • providing or operating tourism infrastructure that, subject to the regulations, is property or in a class of property included in Schedule II of federal Income Tax Regulations.

How to apply

The CITC program follows a competitive application process. Applicants are required to fill out and submit their applications through the online application portal during one of the application intake periods.

For more details on the type of information applicants will be required to provide as part of their application for Conditional Approval, please refer to the sample Conditional Approval Application Form (PDF, 186 KB).

Step 1. Create a user account and log in through the online application portal

A link to the online application portal is made available here during active intakes.

Step 2. Fill out and submit an application for Conditional Approval

Applicants must fill out and submit their applications through the online application portal during an active  application intake period.

As part of their submission, applicants are required to fill out and submit a Proposed Investment Plan Form and an Economic Impact Assessment Form. Both forms are available through the online application portal.

Applications will then be reviewed and Conditional Approval Letters as well as an approved investment plan will be issued to successful applicants based on eligibility and the investment’s economic impact to the province.

Step 3. Reporting on progress

Once the Conditional Approval Letter is issued, the corporation must provide a progress report every 180 days from the date of the Conditional Approval Letter until the investment is complete. The progress report must include:

  • the status of the acquisition of the eligible qualified property listed in the corporation’s approved investment plan; and
  • the status of what eligible qualified properties listed by the corporation in the approved investment plan are available for use

Forms for progress reporting will be available on the online application portal.

Step 4. Apply for the Tax Credit Certificate

Once the Eligible Qualified Property has been purchased and is available for use, the Corporation must submit an application for the Tax Credit Certificate.

As part of their application, applicants will be required to submit an updated a status report of the Approved Investment Plan as well as an updated Economic Impact Assessment.

Step 5. Receiving the Tax Credit

If an investment is completed in the manner described in the Approved Investment Plan and Economic Impact Assessment, the corporation will receive the full value of the tax credit as listed in the Conditional Approval Letter.

If the investment does not go ahead as detailed in the Approved Investment Plan and Economic Impact Assessment, the corporation may not receive the tax credit or the corporation may receive a reduced value of the tax credit.

Tax Credit Certificates will be issued once the department has completed its review.

After you apply

How applications will be evaluated

After determining eligibility, applications will be evaluated through a competitive process, with each application reviewed against the criteria outlined in the program guidelines.

The evaluation criteria are based on categories such as:

  • size of investment
  • timeliness of investment
  • employment impacts
  • inclusion of under-represented people or groups
  • modernization or productivity improvements
  • new product or service development
  • diversified customer base
  • supply chain impacts
  • environmental performance
  • community impact
  • regional impact

Individuals who successfully submitted applications during an intake period can access their application profile through their user account.

Additional program details

For more information on the CITC please refer to:


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