Alberta’s technology businesses can access a variety of programs and supports delivered by the Government of Alberta, Alberta Innovates and other partner organizations.

Through programs and grants to organizations within Alberta’s innovation system, the Alberta government leverages investments of large enterprises, the federal government and organizations from other jurisdictions to support the commercialization of technologies from Alberta companies, and build innovation capacity in targeted areas.

In addition to helping businesses access key programs, strategic partnerships between advanced technology businesses, targeted jurisdictions (Mexico, Europe and Asia) and Alberta’s innovation system are also encouraged to:

  • drive knowledge economy growth
  • attract innovation investments
  • accelerate diversification
  • enhance economic, social and environmental outcomes, including:
    • strategic science and technology partnerships with multinational enterprises and jurisdictions
    • pre-commercial technology development support
    • innovation targeted investment attraction
    • technology sector development of Alberta’s Information and Communications Technology, Life Sciences and Emerging Technology (including Clean Technology) sectors

Provincial programs

Climate change innovation and technology

As part of the Climate Change Innovation and Technology Framework (CCITF), the Alberta government and Alberta Innovates are providing $144.9 million in funding for programs that support innovation and clean technology that:

  • improve environmental performance
  • build a more diverse provincial economy

Tax credits

The CCITF supports clean technology streams of the Alberta Investor and Capital Investment Tax Credit programs.


GreenSTEM, is a pan-Alberta pilot for cleantech company creation and high-tech entrepreneurial development.

Delivered in partnership with the University of Alberta, University of Calgary, and University of Lethbridge, the pilot supports recent Masters and Ph.D. graduates pursuing high-tech entrepreneurship through funding, expertise and infrastructure.

Alberta Innovates supports

Alberta Innovates receives funding to support and accelerate research, innovation and entrepreneurship across sectors. Alberta Innovates offers a number of key programs and supports for Alberta companies.

Alberta Innovates CCITF programs

Alberta Innovates offers 5 programs to support the CCITF in clean technology research, innovation and commercialization.

Alberta Innovation Voucher and Micro-Voucher Programs

Alberta Innovation Voucher and Micro-Voucher programs offer funding for eligible Alberta SMEs involved in new technology development.

Product Demonstration Program

The Product Demonstration Program provides up to $300,000 to eligible Alberta SMEs in the process of developing and commercializing new technologies or business solutions.

Alberta Entrepreneurship Incubator program

The Alberta Entrepreneurship Incubator program is a 2-year pilot project that funds regional entrepreneur development and support programs focused on promoting business creativity and collaboration.

The program provided funding to incubators and qualified business development advisors across Alberta that offer entrepreneurs access to funding, advice, coaching and guidance.

Regional Innovation Networks

Alberta Innovates’ Regional Innovation Networks are made up of member organizations with commercialization experts who can address your needs and help you grow your business.

Technology Development Advisors

Technology Development Advisors are industry, business and product development experts who offer small and medium-sized technology and knowledge-based companies coaching, advice and access to services.

Delivery partners

The Alberta government and Alberta Innovates support a number of research and innovation centres that accelerate the growth, development and commercialization of emerging technologies across industries. These centres help advance knowledge in emerging technology areas and increase sector capacity by encouraging cross-industry collaboration and technology transfer.


TECTERRA is a non-profit organization that helps start-ups and SMEs develop and commercialize technology quickly and efficiently. The organization focuses on innovative geospatial technologies and their application in different markets such as:

  • energy
  • environment
  • clean tech
  • climate
  • food and fibre
  • smart cities

TECTERRA offers programs targeted to the geospatial sector and supports projects with a high likelihood of reaching the market and maximizing economic potential.


The Alberta Centre for Advanced Micro and Nano Technology Products (ACAMP) is a non-profit organization that provides specialized services to micro and nanotechnology start-ups and SMEs. Businesses can access supports for:

  • product marketing
  • business development
  • manufacturing and testing

Through simulations, prototyping, testing, commercialization, and large-scale manufacturing, ACAMP supports companies through a wide variety of nanotechnology product-development activities.

Federal programs

The Alberta government leverages programs and resources available to innovative Alberta companies by collaborating with the federal government across a range of departments and agencies.

Strategic Innovation Fund

The Strategic Innovation Fund is a federal program that provides funding to firms of all sizes across Canada’s industrial and technology sectors.

Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Incentive Program

The federal Alberta Scientific Research and Experimental Development tax credit benefits businesses of all sizes across sectors that conduct research and development that will lead to new, improved or technologically advanced products or processes.