Business names

Register, change or cancel a business name.


An email address is required when incorporating an Alberta or non-profit corporation or cooperative or registering a business name, or extra-provincial corporation or cooperative. The email address is also required when filing an annual return/report or when updating a corporation or cooperative address, attorney for service, business partner, or sole proprietor.

Annual return reminders are sent by email to corporations, non-profit organizations, limited liability partnerships, and cooperatives where there is an email address on record. Annual return reminders are sent about 2 weeks before the annual return is due. The reminders are sent by regular mail when there is no email address on file or when there is a notice because the previous year's annual return has not been filed. Directors of Alberta corporations receive copies of the outstanding annual return notice by regular mail.

A business name doesn’t have a legal existence in its own right. It’s simply a name used by one or more persons to represent their business to the public. That means the sole proprietor or partners are personally responsible for the debts and obligations of the business.


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