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Business and economy

Economic updates, services for consumers and industry, businesses and non-profit organizations, and trade, investment and market access.


Funding programs, business resources, agriculture information, agri-food and local food business resources, and calculators and tools.

Business and industry funding and supports, labour relations, and corporate tax and incentives.

Grants, supports and resources for non-profit companies, societies and charitable organizations.

Indicators, supports, funding and grants for economic development.

Economic outlook, analysis, trends and indicators, as well as economic development initiatives and projects.

Oil sands, oil, natural gas, coal, minerals, tenure, and electricity and renewable energy.

Sustainable forest management, wildfire prevention and management, and forest tenure, trade and market access.

Funding, programs, initiatives and other supports for innovation and research.

Information for consumers and industry about insurance, pensions and financial institutions.

Alberta Protocol Office and other international relations supports.

Research, funding, market information and programs for Alberta's tourism industry.

Trade agreements, market access, Alberta International Offices, Invest Alberta and export supports.