Beekeeper registration

All owners of honey bees and/or used beekeeper equipment must register with the provincial apiculturist every year.

All beekeeper registration approvals expire on June 29 each year.


Beekeeper registration is mandatory in Alberta. The certificate of registration is valid from the time it is issued to the following June 29. The Alberta Bee Act and its regulation regulate beekeepers in the province.

Your beekeeper registration information is used for monitoring diseases and pests to ensure healthy honey bees. It also keeps industry statistics up to date.

Registration submission

If you are planning to purchase honey bees or used equipment for the first time, see, Purchasing honey bees or equipment in Alberta: questions to ask and things to consider.

Step 1: Complete and submit the form

Complete the Beekeeper Registration form. There are different ways to get a form:

Online web formHard copy

Beekeeper Registration form

  • Fill out the web form and submit online

Print Beekeeper Registration form.

  • Fill out form by hand.

Note: you cannot use the Print Version button to print the blank form. Instead, Right/click > Print.

Submissions will be sent directly to our mailbox and you will receive a submission message. Contact us if you require a copy.

Send completed form:

Send your completed Beekeeper Registration form to the Bee Health Assurance Team by email, fax or mail. See contact information below. If you are on a mobile or tablet you can also take a screenshot and email it as a large photo.

No access to a printer?

  • Email or call the Bee Health Assurance Team to ask for a hard copy of the Beekeeper Registration form. See contact information below.

Step 2. After you apply

After sending in your registration form, Bee Health Assurance staff may contact you to verify your information.

Once your registration is processed, the team will send you a registration approval with a beekeeper registration number and an expiry date of June 29 the following year.

Registration renewal and updates

Renewals: beekeepers are required to renew their registration annually or for any major changes during the current registration year. To renew your registration, see Registration submission above.

Updates: send all applicable registration updates to the Bee Health Assurance Team by email or mail. Updates could include:

  • contact information (such as mailing address, phone number, email)
  • number of colonies
  • purchase of bees or queens
  • purchase of used equipment
  • changes to apiary locations (county/municipality/city location only)

Registration deletions

Registration is required and important - used beekeeper equipment (hive boxes/frames) can harbour diseases and pests for many years even when honey bees are not present.

If you no longer own beekeeper equipment or honey bee colonies, we will need the following information to remove your information from our database:

  • The name of who you sold or gave the colonies or used equipment to, or what was done with the used hive boxes and frames.

Once we receive this information, your information will be removed from our system. If you still own used equipment, you are required to register annually.

Premises Identification Number

The Premises Identification Number (PID) is provided through Alberta’s traceability program and is separate from the Bee Health Assurance program. Beekeepers need a PID number to access medications for honey bee diseases and pests. Register with the animal Premises Identification Program.


Connect with the Bee Health Assurance Team:

Hours: 8 am to 4 pm (open Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays)
Phone: 780-644-8746
Fax: 780-422-6096
Email: [email protected]

Bee Health Assurance Team
Crop Diversification Centre North
17507 Fort Road NW
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