Aquatic Invasive Species Task Force

The task force will enhance Alberta’s defences against zebra and quagga mussels, and other aquatic invasive species.


The Aquatic Invasive Species Task Force will identify ways to help prevent invasive mussels from arriving and becoming established in Alberta lakes and waterways.

Alberta is currently free of invasive mussels. However, if introduced these kinds of aquatic invasive species could spread rapidly, clog waterways, upset lakes and other ecosystems, and cost millions of dollars in damages to irrigation infrastructure.

Task force members will promote collaboration on provincial aquatic invasive species prevention strategies, including:

  • education and awareness 
  • the watercraft inspection program
  • monitoring
  • detection
  • response and management of current and emerging aquatic invasive species threats


  • Open

  • Results under review

  • Completed

Who is listening

Ministry of Environment and Protected Areas


The task force will: 

  • engage with key stakeholders to ensure that the provincial program is robust and positioned to deal with present and future challenges
  • collaborate to assist with implementation of the aquatic invasive species monitoring and prevention program, including exploring and securing funding solutions and partnerships
  • review and endorse the annual operational plans for aquatic invasive species program delivery in a collaborative model

Task force members

  • Grant Hunter, Chair and MLA for Taber-Warner
  • Martin Shields, Member of Parliament, Bow River
  • Kelly Carter, chief executive officer, Alberta Wildlife Federation
  • Megan Evans, executive director, Alberta Invasive Species Council
  • Dr. Patrick Hanington, associate professor, Environmental Health Sciences, University of Alberta
  • Bradley Peter, executive director, Alberta Lake Management Society
  • Richard Phillips, vice-chair, Alberta Irrigation District
  • Richard Stamp, president, Stamp Seeds
  • Jay White, director, Alberta Water Council




Connect with the Aquatic Invasive Species Hotline if you have questions about the Fisheries (Alberta) Act legislation changes, watercraft inspections or aquatic invasive species:

Phone: 1-855-336-BOAT (2628)
Email: [email protected]