Apply to host Alberta’s Artist in Residence/Arts Ambassador

Community organizations and arts stakeholders are encouraged to invite the artist for a meeting or to attend a local event.


When you invite the Artist in Residence / Arts Ambassador, they:

  • may accept or decline community invitations depending on their schedule
  • will not accept compensation to attend these community visits

Submit your request at least 2 weeks in advance of the planned event or meeting. We will review your application and liaise with the artist.


Communities applying to host the Artist in Residence / Arts Ambassador may be required to cover associated travel and accommodations. The artist will be traveling across the province throughout the year.

If the artist must travel more than 50 km to attend your invitation, the host organization will be required to cover associated costs, which may include travel, accommodations and per diems.

If the nature of the invitation requires the purchase of materials, these costs will be covered by the host organization.

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