Alberta’s Anti-Racism Grant Program is intended to support community organizations in Alberta to implement initiatives that combat discrimination and address systemic racism by providing funding for projects that increase public education and enable Albertans to recognize and value cultural differences and heritage.

The program funds are not designed to address access to affordable housing, job opportunities or healthcare. Rather, the funds are intended to educate about the impacts of discrimination and racism faced by Indigenous and racialized groups and enable community organizations to develop their ability to support anti-racism projects.

The program will also support smaller grassroots Indigenous and ethnocultural groups to deliver programs and services through partnerships with larger organizations.

In the first intake, more than 140 applications were received with 50 projects being awarded grants.

Important dates

Application period is currently closed.

New intake dates will be posted in mid-2024.

Funding streams

The program supports initiatives that help prevent and address racism. There are 2 funding streams.

Stream 1

Projects for grant funding must align with at least one of the identified outcomes listed under either of the program objectives.

Stream 2

Projects for grant funding must align with at least one of the identified outcomes listed under both of the program objectives.

Applicants may request up to $5,000 maximum for projects under Stream 1 and up to $10,000 maximum for projects under Stream 2.

Projects submitted for funding must meet one or more of the following program outcomes:

Program objectives

Objective 1

Educate Albertans on racism and the impacts of racism faced by Indigenous and racialized groups:

  • Albertans have an increased understanding of racism, its impacts and the challenges faced by Indigenous and racialized groups.
  • Albertans have increased knowledge to identify racism and how to address racism and racist acts.
  • Albertans have increased awareness of the resources and tools that organizations provide to support anti-racism initiatives.

Objective 2

Enable community organizations to develop their ability to support anti-racism projects:

  • Racialized communities have support to fully participate in the community.
    • Examples are training and employment, mentorship programs for internationally trained professionals, support or education for marginalized communities to navigate supports.
  • Racialized communities have capacity to continue open and honest conversations about racism, microaggressions and promoting awareness about their impact.


  • Organizations must be based in Alberta and be a non-profit organization; or Indigenous government, tribal council, band council, settlement or not-for-profit Indigenous organization.
  • Universities, colleges, or institutes, as defined under Alberta’s Post-Secondary Learning Act; for-profit organizations; and arms-length municipal or municipal district affiliated organizations may apply in partnership with an Indigenous or ethnocultural organization.
  • Organizations must have a clear understanding of the project they want to undertake and how it will contribute to the goals of the grant program.
  • Organizations must have a clear budget and timeline for their project.
  • Organizations must demonstrate that they have the capacity to undertake the project.

Before you apply

Here are some resources that will be helpful for your application:

Grant information sessions

Register for live webinar sessions.

Table 1. Anti-Racism Grant information session dates and registration links.

Anti-Racism Grant SessionsDate and timeRegistration link
Anti-racism Grant Information Session 1January 11, 2024Watch the session video below
Anti-racism Grant Information Session 2January 23, 2024Watch the session video below


Anti-Racism Grant fact sheet

Alberta.ca Account for Organizations


How to create an Alberta.ca Account for Organizations

How to apply for an ​Anti-Racism Grant

Information session recordings

These videos contain important information for anyone interested in applying for the grant.

Anti-Racism Grant Information Session 1 – January 11, 2024

Anti-Racism Grant Information Session 2 – January 23, 2024

How to apply

Step 1. Watch the videos and read the guidelines

Watch the videos above and download these resources for reference:

Step 2. Create an account

If you do not have an Alberta.ca Account for Organizations, sign up at the link below. If you have an existing account, proceed to Step 3.

Step 3. Submit the application online

  • Sign in to the grant application page with your Alberta.ca Account for Organizations account ID
  • Attach a detailed budget for the project: Budget template 
  • Attach an Application for Electronic Payment Form
  • Attach a financial statement. Refer to Program Guidelines section 4.1 for details.
  • Attach reference letters (optional).
  • Read the program guidelines carefully to ensure you include all the necessary information.
  • Submit your completed application online. Only complete applications will be considered.

After you apply

Applications received by the submission deadline will be screened for eligibility and referred for further evaluation and recommendation for funding.

All applicants will receive written notification of the results of their application. For 2023-24, applicants will be notified of decisions in March 2024.

All decisions are final and no appeals will be considered.


When the project is complete, grant recipients will need to submit a final report.

Grant recipients

Successful applicants will be notified and listed on the grants disclosure table.


Connect with the Anti-Racism Grant Program:
Email: [email protected]