Alberta’s Future Leaders Program

This program collaborates with Indigenous communities to provide multi-sport and arts summer youth programming.


The Alberta's Future Leaders Program (AFL) collaborates with Indigenous communities across the province to provide summer youth programming. Youth are engaged in sport, recreation, leadership and cultural activities by mentors living and working in the community.

The Alberta's Future Leaders Program (AFL) collaborates with Indigenous communities  across the province to provide summer youth programs, engaged in sport, recreation, leadership and cultural activities.


Indigenous communities are empowered through sport and recreation programming that honours their heritage, fosters resilience and inspires youth to become positive leaders in their community.


AFL supports Indigenous communities through inclusive and culturally relevant experiences in sport, recreation, and leadership programs by honouring and celebrating traditional practises while creating opportunity for community engagement to inspire Indigenous youth to thrive.

Program Framework

  1. Mentor Training and Orientation
    • Mentors undergo comprehensive training that equips individuals with the knowledge, skills and cultural sensitivity needed to work in host communities. Orientation also provides tools on how to build trust, establish meaningful relationships and communicate effectively with community members.
  2. Partnerships
    • Partnering with Indigenous communities involves building collaborative relationships based on mutual respect, trust and shared goals. This approach acknowledges strengths and contributions of mentors that seek to build capacity and more opportunities for youth.
  3. Programs, camps and trips
    • AFL mentors come from all backgrounds to share their positive attitude, active lifestyle and to act as a positive role model to empower youth. From May to August, mentors plan programs, special events and out-trips focused on sport, recreation, leadership activities and cultural programs. 
  4. Leadership Retreat
    • Mentors select future leaders from each host community to attend the leadership retreat to build on essential leadership qualities, including communication, problem-solving, decision-making and teamwork. The leadership retreat offers youth an opportunity for adventure and growth that challenge them to overcome obstacles and discover their strengths.

Become a mentor

The Alberta’s Future Leaders Program is now accepting applications for 2024 program.

Job Description now available

Deadline to apply is April 14, 2024.

Please email cover letter and resume to [email protected]


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