Alberta Volunteer Amphibian Monitoring Program

This community-based volunteer program monitors amphibians and increases awareness of conservation issues they face.

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The Alberta Volunteer Amphibian Monitoring Program (AVAMP) is a long-term community survey of amphibians that was implemented in 1992 under the auspices of the Declining Amphibian Population Task Force established by the Species Survival Commission of the World Conservation Union (IUCN).

The goals of AVAMP are:

  • To increase awareness of the conservation issues facing amphibians
  • To provide a better understanding of the distribution and general status of amphibians in Alberta, Canada

AVAMP is led by the Alberta Conservation Association (ACA), and carried out in partnership with the Alberta government and other agencies.

How AVAMP works

Volunteers and monitoring materials

  • Through AVAMP, volunteers are encouraged to submit location information on amphibian observations as well as incidental reptile observations.
  • Volunteers are supplied with species identification and support materials in an online format that allows project participants to become familiar with the identification and life history of Alberta's amphibian and reptile species and how to monitor them.
  • Participants in the program can submit their amphibian and reptile observations, including photos, online through an electronic data entry form.
  • The time and energy volunteers put into the AVAMP is entirely up to them.

Newsletter and phone communication

  • Communication to volunteers is maintained through Alberta Conservation Association's email newsletter.
  • A dedicated toll-free phone number is also available to volunteers to contact the program coordinator if they have questions about:
    • The program
    • Species identification
    • Conservation issues relating to amphibians (and reptiles) in Alberta

Observation submission and verification

  • Hundreds of herptile (amphibian and reptile) observations are submitted annually to program coordinator, where they are:
    • Verified for accuracy
    • Entered into a spreadsheet
    • Forwarded to the Alberta government for uploading into the Fisheries and Wildlife Management Information System

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