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Alberta Public Service pay directives

Human resource directives for Alberta Public Service employees that cover pay.

Services and information

This directive covers how anniversary dates are established for Alberta Public Service non-management and management employees.

This directive covers the calculation of salaries, benefits and holidays for part-time Alberta Public Service employees.

This directive provides information on market modifiers for management, opted out and excluded employees in the Alberta Public Service.

This directive covers considerations and actions that may be taken if an Alberta Public Service management employee’s salary is over-range.

This directive covers overtime for Alberta Public Service opted out and excluded employees.

This directive covers premium pay for Alberta Public Service employees.

This directive covers in-range salary adjustments available for some Alberta Public Service employees in particular non-management classes.

This directive covers the types of salary adjustments for Alberta Public Service employees.

This directive covers how salary and wage Alberta Public Service employees are paid.

This directive covers how the salaries of Alberta Public Service employees are determined.


Alberta Public Service Human Resource directives set out the general entitlements, benefits, and authority that apply in the administration of human resources in government organizations under the Public Service Act.
Unless otherwise specified, these pay directives apply to bargaining unit, opted out and excluded, and management Alberta Public Service employees. If a pay directive addresses a topic that is also covered by the Collective Agreement, bargaining unit employees will be governed by the Collective Agreement.

At the bottom of each pay directive is information on who the directive applies to, authority for the directive, the effective date, and the area within Alberta Public Service Commission responsible for its content. All directives are subject to applicable legislation.


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