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Northern Lights recipient – William Cooper

On October 7, he was recognized for his dedication to his local Mustard Seed.

Photo of Alberta Northern Lights recipient William Cooper

Location: Medicine Hat, Alberta

At 16 years old, William Cooper has already made his mark in the community and in the lives of some of Medicine Hat’s most vulnerable citizens. He volunteers a couple times a week at the local chapter of the Mustard Seed where he makes lunches, serves meals or does clean up. Much of his time is spent just being a good listener, helping to ensure that the homeless feel their voice is being heard.

Though dedicated to the Mustard Seed and willing to put himself at risk, William has had to adjust to having his volunteering hours limited by COVID-19 public health protocols. Though the pandemic limited his time on the frontlines, William has kept in touch with some of those he has met during his time at the Mustard Seed. He takes the time to stop during his walks through town to talk with many of those who have come to rely on the services he helps provide. In showing a willingness to reach out, William is recognizing those too often forgotten. It is for that, and for his service to others, that we recognize William Cooper.

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