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Northern Lights recipient – Patricia Luedee

On August 20, she was recognized for spearheading a program to replace flood-damaged electrical boxes for people who cannot afford them.

Photo of Alberta Northern Lights recipient Patricia Luedee

Location: Fort McMurray, Alberta

After a massive flood struck Fort McMurray in late April, many homes and business were left without power. Red Seal Master Electrician Patricia Luedee has been helping restore that power. With the Rotary Club of Fort McMurray Oilsands, she has been spearheading a program to replace the damaged electrical boxes.

With funds from Disaster Aid Canada, they have been purchasing and installing electrical boxes for people without adequate insurance coverage or who cannot afford the deductible on their insurance. Over the course of one month, Patricia installed five electrical panels, volunteering upwards of 10 hours per panel. Patricia’s commitment and dedication to helping her community is ensuring that Fort McMurray can once again recover from a damaging disaster.

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