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Photo of Alberta Northern Lights recipient Matthew Douma

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

For emergency room nurse, Matthew Douma, the sense of satisfaction – and the stresses – that come with helping to save lives is just part of the job. It would be understandable to relieve the pressure and focus his attention elsewhere while away from his workplace.

Not Matthew.

Deciding to take a maternity leave from his job to help welcome a new baby into the home, Matthew balanced the demands of a newborn and 2 toddlers with a “stay at home” project – leading an international research project studying the challenges of COVID resuscitation. The team is also developing online training to support healthcare workers working with COVID patients.

His work in researching new ways to restore the breathing and heartbeat of victims of illness or injury is not just an area of professional expertise for Matthew, it is his passion and, like all committed volunteers, he offers his time and talents freely. That kind of commitment, dedication and generosity is a breath of lifesaving fresh air.

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