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Northern Lights recipient – Leah Thompson

On April 27, she was recognized for her service as a crisis line listener and as a child and youth mentor.

Photo of Alberta Northern Lights recipient Leah Thompson

Location: Fort McMurray, Alberta

Leah Thompson is a volunteer with Some Other Solutions, a society for crisis prevention. Leah serves as a Crisis Line Listener and Volunteer Child and Youth Mentor. Through these roles, she has had a positive impact empowering individuals to cope with life’s challenges. Leah’s patient and kind support for individuals who reach out to Some Other Solutions helps to empower community members, building a community of people who are thriving instead of just surviving.

According to Leah, “In critical times like these, where we are seeing unexpected upheavals to our everyday lives, it makes you really appreciate all the work that a place like Some Other Solutions does for the community. I consider myself so lucky to be able to be there for someone when they are experiencing a moment of crisis. To help guide them to the resources that they need, to be a listening ear and to ultimately remind them of their own resilience, is an incredibly rewarding experience. It is also important to remember that by helping one person find their own inner strength, you are encouraging a ripple effect where, little by little, the small actions of many will help to strengthen the entire community. We are all in this together.”

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