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Northern Lights recipient – Dawoodi Bohras of Calgary

On July 29, they were recognized for providing supplies and donations to local community organizations.

Photo of Northern Lights recipient – Dawoodi Bohras of Calgary

Location: Calgary, Alberta

COVID-19 was a call to action for the Dawoodi Bohras community of Calgary – a call that the Calgary-based faith organization has answered promptly, time and again.

With food security a focus for the group, both the Mustard Seed and Salvation Army have benefited as recipients of supplies and donations generated by members of the organization.  Thanks to the generosity of its members, Dawoodi Bohras was able to contribute over $5,000 to the Salvation Army, while the Mustard Seed was stocked up with more than 3,500 bottles of water and over 650 facemasks to address an initial shortage of PPE in the community.

Frontline staff at the Mustard Seed were not overlooked either. Recognizing the added stress and demand for services delivered by the Mustard Seed, Dawoodi Bohras brought a ‘ray of sunshine’ to these essential workers, along with some culinary fun through surprise pizza deliveries. The effort to support the health and wellness of their neighbours was a mission shared by Dawoodi Bohras members of all ages – with children putting their creativity to good use, crafting greeting cards to cheer seniors at the local Carewest Health Centre.

In living their faith, Dawoodi Bohras of Calgary is helping to build a stronger community, one compassion-driven act at a time.

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