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Northern Lights recipient – Christine Engel

On May 20, she was recognized for making and delivering hospital gowns to protect volunteers at two homeless shelters.

Photo of Alberta Northern Lights recipient Christine Engel

Location: Sylvan Lake, Alberta

Christine is a professional seamstress who owns and operates The Wedding Seamstress. She has volunteered her time, expertise and efforts to make 190 hospital gowns to help protect the volunteers that work at The Mustard Seed in Red Deer and Calgary.

She placed a call out for volunteers to help cut and sew the gowns, and over 40 women responded and stepped up to help. She organized the resources and got the supplies organized and delivered to the volunteers. Christine and her volunteers have banded together to help protect volunteers working to protect some of Alberta’s most vulnerable people.

In addition to helping those at the Mustard Seed, she’s given a sense of purpose and pride to those that have stepped up to help. Christine credits the team of volunteers supporting the effort as “many hands make light work.”

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