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Northern Lights recipient – Caleb and Raya Shivji

On August 25, Caleb and Raya were recognized for their efforts to feed young people.

Photo of Alberta Northern Lights recipients Caleb and Raya

Location: Calgary, Alberta

As students at Calgary’s Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School, Caleb and Raya Shivji know all about the added stress of online learning. They also know that along with shutting down classes, the COVID-19 pandemic also impacted the food security of some of their vulnerable classmates who participate in the school’s lunch program.

Concerned that there were kids who were not getting a nutritious lunch, the youthful brother and sister teamed up with Discovery House, a safe haven for women and children who escaped domestic violence, to produce and deliver 100 lunches to students in need. Their effort quickly gained the support of the local bakery, COBS Bread, and the Earls on 16th Ave restaurant. For the next year and a half, Sundays found the “Caleb and Raya Project” putting together the bag lunches of cheese sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies to fuel young bodies and minds.

While Caleb and Raya may not be able to lighten the homework load, these 2 inspiring siblings have helped to ensure their school chums are able to focus on their lessons rather than a rumbling stomach. The kindness shown by these compassionate kids is a lesson we can all learn from.

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