Alberta electricity overview

Alberta’s deregulated electricity market began in 1996, when the Electric Utilities Act came into effect.

Alberta’s Utility Sector

The Electric Utilities Act established a competitive market for electricity generation and created the Power Pool of Alberta, the market for all electricity bought and sold in Alberta.

Alberta’s electricity transmission and distribution systems remain fully regulated; rates for these services are set through regulation.

Retail sales of electricity in the province are partly deregulated. Consumers can shop for electricity to choose a retail electricity provider that best meets their needs. To find more about retail rates, and to compare competitive rates, please visit: UCA Helps

As of June 2023:

  • Alberta’s electricity system supports 4.3 million Albertans, including  farm, commercial, and industrial sites.
  • The power grid in Alberta includes approximately 26,000 kilometres of transmission lines and connects approximately 426 qualified generating units and nearly 250 market participants to the wholesale market.
  • Alberta’s transmission system has three interties with neighbouring jurisdictions (Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and Montana).

Electricity agencies

A number of arms-length agencies oversee Alberta’s electricity system and receive their powers through the Electric Utilities Act. These include the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO), Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC), Market Surveillance AdministratorBalancing Pool, and Utilities Consumer Advocate.

The AESO overlooks the electricity system by providing for the safe, reliable and economic operation of the Alberta Interconnected Electric System. They are tasked with promoting a fair, efficient and openly competitive market for electricity as per the Fair, Efficient, and Open Competition Regulation.

For information about how the AESO operates the power grid, visit Understanding Electricity in Alberta.

The AUC ensures that the delivery of Alberta’s utility service upholds fairness and aligns with the public interest. The AUC regulates electric and water utilities and ensures that these facilities are built, operated and decommissioned efficiently and responsibly.

The AUC also provides regulatory insight of the development of projects related to Alberta’s wholesale electricity market and the retail gas and electricity markets in the province.

For more information on how the AUC regulates the development of power projects please visit Power generation applications - AUC.

Board reports

Service quality and reliability plans (AUC)

Annual market statistics report (AESO)

Modernizing Alberta’s Electricity System

The Electricity Statutes (Modernizing Alberta’s Electricity Grid) Amendment Act (formerly Bill 22) received royal assent on May 31, 2022. This act aims to keep Alberta’s electricity system reliable, affordable and able to meet the evolving needs of consumers. The act modernizes Alberta’s electricity system by integrating new technologies and helps the distribution system plan for electric vehicles, renewable power sources and other distributed energy resources.

For more information about this act, please visit Modernizing Alberta’s electricity system.

Fact sheets

Work is underway to create a reliable and affordable electricity system that reduces harmful pollution to improve the health of Albertans and the environment and ensures a positive investment climate to keep Alberta competitive.



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