Air emissions policies

Alberta air quality emission standards, policies and guidelines.

Emission Standards, Policies and Guidelines

Sources are regulated to minimize emissions and ensure that ambient air quality is maintained within ambient air quality objectives.

Industrial Release Limits Policy

The following policy outlines the approach for developing industrial release limits for approvals under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act:

Base-Level Industrial Emissions Requirements (BLIERs) Policy

Alberta Environment and Protected Areas regulates emissions either directly or in conjunction with other agencies based on the industrial sector.

The Base-Level Industrial Emissions Requirements (BLIERs) Policy provides policy clarity to staff with signing authority – along with those involved in developing provincial requirements and industrial approvals – on how BLIERs are applied within Alberta.

Energy and Utilities Sector

In any proposed project requiring an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report, the Alberta government and the AER work together to ensure the report contains all necessary and required information.

For more information, see:

Natural Resources Sector

The Natural Resources Conservation Board (NRCB) regulates natural resource development projects and agricultural confined feeding operations. If the project requires an EIA report, the NRCB works with the Alberta government to ensure the report provides the information required.

Other Industries