In 2020, Alberta exported agriculture and food products valued at $12.4 billion.


The Alberta government provides the following services to Alberta companies:

  • information about Alberta’s agriculture and food sector
  • Alberta supplier capabilities
  • buyer-seller connections
  • incoming mission support

Quick facts

  • In 2019 Alberta exported agriculture and food products valued at over $11.6 billion.
  • Alberta's cattle and calves sector is the largest in Canada.
  • Most of Canada’s beef is processed in Alberta.
  • Our province is the largest producer of honey and hemp in Canada.
  • Whiskey ($68.9 million) is the largest export product in Alberta’s $1 billion (2019) beverages sector; the province is known for its premium rye whiskey.
  • With higher solid levels than potatoes from other growing regions, Alberta potatoes are well-suited for french fries.
  • Alberta has excess supply of grain products and accounts for a large proportion of total Canadian grain exports.


Alberta Agriculture and Food Products and Services: Export Catalogue

Designed for importers, distributors and buyers located outside of Canada, this catalogue features agriculture products and services that Alberta exports internationally.

Exporters can apply for a listing in the catalogue throughout the year.

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